Nothing holds you back more than a lack of self-belief. We all have our insecurities but when they stop you realising your potential, coaching can build your confidence so that you can start moving forward.

No one is confident all the time. For most people, confidence comes and goes in waves, but sometimes those waves just don't come when you want them to. A lack of confidence can show itself as:

  • lack of self-belief or doubts about your abilities

  • goals seem unachievable

  • being highly critical of yourself and others

  • cverwhelming shyness

  • negative self-image

  • feeling anxious and uneasy

  • low self-esteem and worthiness

  • always putting others before yourself

  • feeling like an imposter or a fake

  • fear


Improving your confidence

Greater confidence starts with accepting yourself. When we can trust and be comfortable with who we are, we can achieve much more. It also requires acknowledging our fears and taking action, however small. Having more confidence can improve your life in many different ways, such as:

  • feeling happier and more comfortable with ourselves

  • feeling more empowered

  • knowing what you want and don't want

  • improved relationships and more compassion for others

  • better health and wellbeing

  • more energy from less time spent trying to change ourselves

How I can help

My job is to explore with you any beliefs you hold about yourself that are limiting you. We'll look at any fears and negative thoughts, and what triggers them. We'll also look at behaviours and habits that are holding you back and the impact they're having on you.


I'll challenge you to assess your thoughts objectively so that you can find alternative ways of thinking and looking at yourself that work for you, not against you. Together we'll work on discovering and taking small, manageable steps forward. 

"Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing."

Theodore Roosevelt

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