Why coaching?

Making a significant change in your life for the better is exciting and can bring happiness and a sense of purpose. But sometimes making that change can also be scary and overwhelming. You might know what you want to do, but are lacking the confidence to make it happen. Or you might feel a change is needed, but are struggling to know which direction to take. 


Explore your options

Coaching gives you the chance to explore the changes you want to make with someone who will listen without judgement. A coach will help you discover how you can overcome the challenges you're facing and achieve your goals.

Discover what's holding you back

Using a series of targeted and thought-provoking questions, I'll help you to see your situation from different perspectives and to build a better awareness of what's holding you back. Together we'll challenge those doubts and use your awareness to re-assess and move past them.

Create change

I won't give you the answers and I won't give you advice. Real and lasting change only comes when we make those connections for ourselves. Coaching will help you work out what needs to happen for you to successfully make the changes you want.

Coaching or counselling?

Coaching and counselling share some of the same techniques, such as being skilled in listening and asking questions. Counselling focuses primarily on processing the past and healing. Coaching recognises that emotions play a big part of the change process, but the emphasis is on identifying where you want to be and creating new ways of thinking, habits and behaviours that will get you there.

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